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wpc weight

What is the composition of WPC boards?

So, let us understand the composition of WPC boards. The long-form of WPC is wood plastic composite boards in terms of percentage it comprises of 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and the remaining 15% of the additive-chemical. It is available in the size of 8’× 4′.

What is the difference between WPC and WPI?

As a result, WPC is ~80% protein by weight, ~5-7% milk fat, and contains a moderate amount of lactose, whereas WPI is ~90% protein by weight, ~1-2% milk fat, and is virtually lactose free. Whey proteins will start to denature and coagulate after cooking for ~10+ minutes at 90 degrees C. -

What is the rate of WPC per square foot?

For advertisement WPC boards can be used in signboards, display boards, direct digital printing, exhibitions stands & graphics. For the 18 mm thickness of the WPC board, the rate will be approximately 95/- per sqft. The rate depends on density, thickness, brands & location.

What is the percentage of protein and lactose in WPC?

In the case of WPC, there is about 70 to 85% protein while there is around 5% lactose. Because of the lactose content, this is not recommended for people who are suffering from lactose intolerance.

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