Wpc Burkoló


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wpc burkoló

Why choose WPC?

As a leading global provider of supply chain solutions, demonstrating professional services in air freight, sea freight, NVOCC, transportation services, logistics management with advanced information technology. WPC has a dedicated team ready to provide customized solutions and superior customer service to our customers.

What is the minimum size of a WPC?

A rendszerárak minimum 10 m 2 WPC teraszburkolat megvásárlása esetén értendőek. A rendszerár az 1 m 2 burkolásához szükséges anyagokat tartalmazza: 5800 mm-es hosszúságú burkolatot raktáron.

What is wood-plastic composite (WPC)?

Wood-plastic composite is a green product that can reduce the usage of natural wood and non-renewable energy. It's a new kind of environmental protection material that has been widely used in outdoor decking, garden furniture, wall panelling, etc. Tips when buying WPC Here are some buying tips on how to choose a good quality WPC deck

How can WPC help with strategic delivery of goods?

The strategic delivery of goods is critical to your market position. Shorter transit times, lower delivery costs, order traceability, and service reliability are competitve differentiators that WPC can help your company realize.

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