Top social media websites for SEO 

The following are the social media websites that Ottawa SEO  believes are top for search engine optimization:


The main reason that marketers utilize social media is in generating leads. Even though the leads might not be very high, LinkedIn does an incredible job as one of the top social sites for generating leads. It is the reason why LinkedIn is the hub for content marketing for 94% of B2B marketers. And about 90% of marketers utilize the platform for the generation of leads.

The professional network is the top generation of leads for social media platforms for B2B marketers. As per research, 62 percent of the B2B leads do come from LinkedIn. That means that LinkedIn for SEO is good as the site will help you to have an appearance on search results.

When you place the correct right keywords naturally in your profile and add relevant search terms strategically with the content, including in the headlines, the search algorithm of LinkedIn might push you up to the rank which is at the top of the SERPs.


Why is there a need to publish your content on the medium? You need to consider it as an option if you don’t have enough of your target audience that visits your blog to read the content.  You have to find them on Medium as well as other social sites. The platform happens to allow users in publishing all types of blog content including:

  • Articles that are republished
  • Personal stories
  • Repurposing content
  • Original content pieces

Medium is known to help you in reaching an audience that is broader than you might have not met if you relied only on your website or blog for exposure. Several medium articles take the top spot on the SERP of Google even for keywords that are competitive with a high search volume.

It is primarily since the site commands authority. So, if you are unable to rank your pages, take advantage of the audience of Medium of almost 154 million unique visitors monthly, and an average of about 258 visits monthly.

As per the semrush tools, 58% of the traffic of Medium comes from the organic search, while about 26% comes from direct traffic, and thus you will see that the pages get ranked in the SERPs.


It is believed to be the top social media platform around the globe. As per a study carried out by Semrush, it is globally ranked 3rd behind Google and the YouTube websites and over the past few months, they have over 20 billion visits monthly.

Facebook makes it simpler for users to share their content, posting different materials. You can easily distribute links to your blog content, or share your posts totally for optimal traction. And the best thing is that Google does crawl and indexes links found on Facebook.

In 2007, Facebook did allow Google plus other search engines in crawling on some of their pages. The social media giant then unlocked more content for indexing that included the comments on Facebook.

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