The Three Amazing Characteristics Of Calibration – Described In Brief

There are different kinds of definitions that tell us about calibration and their methods. In the opinion of the automation system and instrumentation dictionary, the meaning of calibration is a test done by the people so that they can measure the values and know them. All the values that are being obtained are checked with the standard value to know whether the result is good or bad.

There are many points on which the calibration is checked of the instrument. The zero and the span values define the limits of the values. There are many characteristics of calibration. Let us have a detailed discussion about the characteristic of calibration of measuring instruments (สอบเทียบเครื่องมือวัด) so that everybody can know about them.

  • Tolerance 

The instrument will express the premises deviation of a specified value when it measures the units, percentage of span for the percentage of reading. All the terms have their meaning, and there is a specific difference between all the terms that should be known by the people so that they can have more comprehensive knowledge about the characteristic of the calibration. The calibration of measuring instruments is a widespread thing that the people of different industries do.

So that they can get to know the performance and accuracy of their product, one thing which should be remembered by the people while doing the calibration is to specify the units of the tolerances so that they can measure it correctly.

  • Accuracy Ratio

This is a term which is being used by people in the past so that they can describe the connection between the accuracy of the test and the accuracy of the instrument under the test. This term is being used by people still today if they do not get to know about the calculations of uncertainty. There is a perfect rule of the term that ensures that an accuracy ratio of 4:1 when it performs the calibration.

The main aim of this test is to know or say that it is essential to have the accuracy of the product then the instrument through which it has been checked. The accuracy should always be four times more than the instrument. In today’s time, this accuracy Re show is tricky as people are not able to achieve it. Now a day’s accuracy is being degraded due to many reasons.

  • Traceability

All the calibrations that are being performed should be traceable nationally or internationally to recognize the standard. Traceability is one of the most critical characteristics of calibration, and the companies are the industries that perform the calibration should make sure that they achieve traceability. The terms and conditions of traceability are different of both International and national, so it becomes the duty of the industry to know about all the things in brief.

Nowadays, calibrations which are being performed are traceable to NIST as it is considered that it is a standard way of calibration. Hence these are the various characteristics of calibration which the people should know.

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