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sabong girls

Would you rather bet on E-Sabong or the traditional Sabong?

We would rather have the traditional sabong because these are held on definite times and it's usually on a Sunday or during a holiday and you don't get to bet 24 hours a day," he said. According to Malaya, those displaced by e-sabong can return to the traditional face-to-face sabong, which is allowed to operate under Alert Level 1.

How big is the E-Sabong industry in the Philippines?

The e-sabong industry generates P640 million a month in revenues for the Philippine government, which is why Duterte earlier defended its operations before making his announcement to halt the online betting activities. READ: Duterte: E-sabong revenues needed since COVID-19 depleted other funds

Can you swim in SAB Sabang?

Sabang is not a place for relaxing on the beach. We note they're sorting out the water pollution (over-stretched sewage systems!) and we're reliably told it will improve further over the next few years and be more open to swimming. DO NOT WALK BARE FOOT on the beach!!!! The biggest disappointment is seeing dog poop on the beach and side walks.

Is Sabang worth visiting?

The dead beach coral makes it very hard to spot! If you're into diving and/or a bit of night life and good choice of bars and food or maybe participation in some local activities/excursions Sabang is worth visiting. It is not a lazy sun tanning beach resort....yet.

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