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sabong atong ang

Did you know Charlie “Atong” Ang’S E-Sabong company earns PhP3 billion a month?

Atong Ang owns one of platforms legally allowed to operate online sabong or e-sabong. Everyone knows that this earns big money, but did you know that he earns billions every month? Charlie “Atong” Ang amazed everyone after he disclosed that his e-sabong company earns around Php3 billion in commissions every month!

Who is Atong Ang and why is he famous?

Who is Atong Ang? Charlie Tiu Hay Sy Ang, best known simply as Atong Ang, is no stranger to controversy in the Philippines. He became famous in 2001 as the co-accused of then-President Joseph Estrada’s impeachment trial. And it all started with the gambling turf war he had with then Ilocos Sur Governor and jueteng lord Luis “Chavit” Singson.

Is E-Sabong dead?

E-sabong isn’t dead, says Charlie “Atong” Ang, the gambling netherworld’s Lord of the Ruweda. It is merely suspended, but when it resumes it will be more regulated and the fights will no longer be round-the-clock, says Ang, the country’s biggest e-sabong operator.

Is E-sabong a ‘pittance’ of the government’s income?

On Twitter, Davila reposted a news item that read: “The government generates a P640-million revenue from e-sabong operations in the country per month, a ‘pittance’ compared to the P3 billion gross monthly income being earned by the online sabong firm of gaming consultant Atong Ang.”

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