Octagon Gem 2 from Online Slot Gambling

Slot games are preferred more than all the other casino games like poker, baccarat, etc. One reason for this is conventional gameplay. As in, either it is the cards or the dice. Except for some rules, almost all the other games have significant similarities. This is why slot games became quite popular in no time. 

Be it the uncommon gameplay or the fascinating slot machine, there are several reasons for slot games to be adored by most gamblers. With online gambling taking over casinos and clubs, slot games also ruled online gambling. Different service providers like slotxo devised unique games to engage users. 

One such game from Slotxo is Octagon Gem 2, a unique slot game famous from the service provider. Here is a peek into it: 

Octagon Gem 2 – Gameplay:

Octagon Gem 2 is a gem-based slot game as the name suggests. It followed the Octagon gem where all the gems of different colors were the game’s symbols. It is a 3×5 game with 20 different winning ways. The nine different gems form the game’s symbols, as mentioned above. 

Each time a player wins the game, the Gambler feature gets activated. If the player chooses correctly between the black or red cards, the winning points would be doubled. People can choose like these five times. Here are the possibilities: 

  • The Tram symbol is considered a bonus symbol of the game. The tram symbol appears in 3-5 in general. In case all the three rows are drawn, the bonus period of the game activates. 
  • In case this symbol appears, the octagonal jewel becomes the game’s wild symbol. This can be used for all symbols in the game except in the case of Scatter. 

In this game, we cannot just randomly play bonus games. The wild symbol is frequently randomized so that new combinations can be generated. Here are some symbols of the game: 

  • Balance – it is the balance channel. 
  • Win – it is the winning channel and shows the profits from each spinning. 
  • Auto Play – it is the automatic spin button. 
  • Play Table – it is the playout button. 
  • Spin – it is the start button of the game that is used to spin the wheel. 
  • Lines – the number of lines as a part of the game. 
  • Credits – it is the credit amount in the game. 

This intriguing game from the service provider can be played using the Easy Slot website. It is one of the widely preferred websites from Thailand with several exciting features and bonuses. It is quite easy to sign up with the website. All we need to do is to go to the official website, click on the ‘register’ option and give in the necessary details. 

The next time you look out for stress busters or something new from online gambling, checkout Easy Slot, for it has a lot more than you can expect. There are hundreds of different slot games from different service providers on the website, each with unique features and a whole new level of excitement. 

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