New Essential Products Seen In Car Wash/Detail Companies 

The New Normal Car Essentials?

In the time of the COVID, 19 Pandemic of 2020, the news media talks a lot about essential businesses. Some businesses are considered necessary, while other companies are not regarded as vital to the public. Many consumers believe that all businesses, small and large, are essential to everyone in different ways. Many people consider car washes, detailers, and the companies who supply the necessary products to them as vital. Supply companies provide an array of essential commodities to stock the shelves in car wash and detail companies, such as bulk hand sanitizer for consumers. 

As of March 2020, most automobile owners did not give a second thought to storing bulk hand sanitizer and a smaller sanitizer container in reach of passengers and drivers, much less having a supply of masks available should passengers forget to wear their mask upon entering the car..  

  1. Is this the new normal? 
  2. No one can say for sure. But, for now, it seems vital to the health of car owners to keep a supply of masks and bulk hand sanitizer in the car. 

While all seasons and conditions of roadways are hard on a vehicle, the winter season is especially hard on the car’s undercarriage, such as mud, slush, ice, and salt collected hastens rust. Salt needs removing from the vehicle’s undercarriage and the car’s surface at least weekly during the winter. At these times, stock up on the necessary products offered at any car wash or detailer by supply companies. 

One Stop Car Wash and Detail Company

A car wash and detail company is essential to keeping an expensive investment like a vehicle looking nice while providing an array of crucial car products. Products can include, 

    • Air Fresheners with an extensive array of scents


  • Bulk Hand Sanitizers


  • Small carry-on hand sanitizers
  • Air Sanitizers killing 99.9% of all germs
  • Masks

Supply companies may provide larger necessary products such as floor mats, cell phone holders, steering wheel covers, seat covers, tire cleaners, flat tire fixes, wiper blades, car organizers, snow brushes, ice scrapers, pet items, kid toys, and more. 

Many companies have the option of renting or purchasing vending machines where consumers can buy items such as glass cleaners, drying towels, sponges, soaps, leather cleaners, spray and tire foams, and much more. 

Consumers traveling from state to state may stop by for a car wash and detail job and be happy to find snack items such as chips, candy, and various drinks helpful when traveling. 

Consumers rely on the car wash industry to help keep their expensive car investment in good shape, inside and out. Additionally, the car wash and detail industry make sure to offer consumers top brand products that enhance a clean, tidy, and safe car interior such as storing bulk hand sanitizer in the car’s trunk, a supply of extra masks, and an antibacterial air spray. These new products are seemingly necessary safety commodities in 2020 and going forward.

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