Don’t just earn to pay for rent and food

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No one in this world earns to pay the rent and food bills only. People do the job or business so that they can have some money in their account. And, if all the money is spent only on rent and food. Then, what’s the point of doing a job. But in these people also need to understand a few things. Like, if they are single or have a small family. Then, they don’t need a big house or villa. They can easily live in a small condo. What’s the point of a showoff when there is no money in a bank account? 

A wise person is one who knows where they need to spend and where they need to restrict themselves. That is why if someone doesn’t need a big house, then go for the condo. And save a lot of money. There will not be anything that people feel they need to compromise in terms of living. Every amenity will be given to the person living in the condo. People just need to share common things like gym, pool, elevator, garage, and hallway.   


Affordable price condo at Khlong San

The best way to save money if someone is living in Khlong San is to get shifted in the condo. The Condo near Khlong San [คอนโด คลองสาน, which is the term in Thai] is affordable, nice, and comfortable. But it is best suitable for a small family and single person. The condo rent is almost half of the house rent. So, with the rest money that is saved after paying rent. Use it to invest in something good. 


Get the best security

Most of the condo buildings are equipped with security staff and all. So, for everyone who enters the building, the security guard always takes a record of them. Only then no other person can enter the building without getting proper permission.  

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