A complete guide to commercial gas safety servicing and checks

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Although gas is useful and important, it can also be very dangerous. Most homes and commercial places have gas appliances such as cookers, gas fires, and boilers. Gas appliances are an important part of our survival but they must be maintained and serviced regularly to avoid risks. Since many people are not experts in gas, they wouldn’t know whether their appliances are safe or not. Maintaining your gas appliances from time to time is a very important initiative to make sure that everyone in your home or commercial place is safe. If things go wrong, there might be a gas leakage which may cause fire or even an explosion. To avoid any possible leaks, you should hire a professional to inspect your gas and issue you with a non-domestic gas safety certificate. Here are some of the tips to ensure that your commercial property or home is safe

Stay on the alert for warning signs

If you have gas appliances such as a heating system, cookers, and others, you must stay on alert for any possible warning signs. You should educate everyone in your home and even at the workplace on the dangers of leaking gas and how to spot the warning signs. This is a very important step because identifying the problem early is the best way to avoid tragedies from happening. If the flames look yellow rather than blue, that is an indicator that there is something wrong with your appliances. If there are black soot marks on the appliances, that is also a solid sign of a problem. If fumes or smoke are coming from the appliance, take an initiative to get it checked. If you are aware of the warning signs, you will act immediately to avoid further risks.

Keeping the ventilation clear

There are several ventilations for gas and they include air vents, chimneys, and flues among others. It is very important to ensure that the ventilation is properly working. If you notice any soot marks on your appliance, that is an indicator that the appliance’s ventilation is not functioning properly.

Have a carbon monoxide detector fitted properly

As we all know, carbon monoxide is a silent killer. You cannot see it, you can smell it but it is poisonous. Unless you have the means to detect the gas, you will end up knowing when it leaks. Any leakage might be the end of you and even your family. Therefore, it is very important to fit a carbon monoxide detector. That way, you will easily notice when there is a leakage and call for help right away.

Avoid using gas appliances especially when you do not know whether they are functioning properly

If you have any kind of doubt about your gas appliances, you should seize from using them until they are inspected by an expert. Using a gas appliance without knowing whether it functions well or not might lead to accidents. 

Have the gas appliance services

You should also make sure that the gas appliance is serviced regularly. You are required to get a safe gas inspection after every 12 months.

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